Fallen US Marines
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US Marines die and come home from combat all messed up all the time.  But when we think of hero's we think of the king of Pop.  Folks like Michael Jackson steal the thunder but what happens when a warrior a freedom fighter dies?  Well US Marines take the back seat.  Marines sit in hell on earth while others sing and laugh and dance like Whitney Huston.  Hero's fall every day but they often are filtered through the cracks.  We need a real site that will be in remembrance of those Marines who fight for freedom so we can die in peace.  I am here to tell you that Michael Jackson, nor Witney Huston are not my King or Queen but rather LORD Jesus Christ is my King.  See I was once in the US Marines but I was a fallen Marine because I fell from the heights of honor to the lowliness of prison gates.  We as Marines can  be invincible.  We secure ground and take names.  Perhaps this is not so appropriate but as a former Marine I want my fellow Marines to be remembered when they come home.  I came home from the US Marine Corps a messed up man lost.  When filing a complaint here don't call the Commandant of Marines call Corporal Gordon.  It takes one Marine to do a lot of damage and when you absolutely positively need Satan or anything else destroyed overnight call 1-800-MARINES. We are the US Marines who Honor God and worship our King Jesus.

WWJD what would Jesus do Michael Jackson / Witney Huston answered here...

There is a question people would love to know about Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson in heaven or hell or simply blotted out of the book of live.  There is a simple answer to whether LORD Jesus Christ has a place for him in heaven.  When did he call upon the Name of LORD Jesus Christ?  Was it at meals or prayer time with the little boys?  Perhaps he declared his love for LORD Jesus Christ on the stage.  Maybe it was in the closet.  Perhaps beside the pills stood the Word of GOD.  Maybe he accepted Christ Jesus but never acted out the love.  Perhaps somewhere in Michael Jackson's Music he lyrics said the Great Name of Yeshua Messiahs, LORD Jesus Christ.  Perhaps next to the Koran was a dust covered Bible the authorized King James 1611 and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  Maybe he like so many US Marine Corps, Devil Dogs, and Leathernecks, Jar Heads, he carried a pocket Guidians Bible.  Perhaps the word of GOD was hidden deep in his heart and he called on the name of GOD.  Maybe in the trials in court GOD Almighty was on his mind.  But was there a renewing of Michael Jackson's mind or did Michael Jackson's Music get in the way.  On the Battle Field US Marines are being baptized in pools of water dumped out into a temporary pit with plastic to keep the harsh desert sands from absorbing the water.  Perhaps Jesus Christ was on the mind of Michael Jackson as he dangled his child from the balcony.  BUT we know JESUS CHRIST IS IN THE HEARTS MINDS AND CARGO POCKETS OF US MARINES.  BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT SEMPER FIDELIS MEANS ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO GOD, COUNTRY AND CORPS.  And when a US Marine dies we may not get the glory and honor of someone within all their years of Michael Jackson's Music who got the fame in death...  We have the right to wear Dress Blues and one day white robes.  Because of what the few the proud the Marines have done I have the right to worship GOD.  I have the right to download  on my computer and to freely worship and remember my Creator.  So I leave you the answer:  Did Michael Jackson within all his music and movies remember his Creator or did he think of a false god money?  If you can show me a time when Michael Jackson remembered GOD, perhaps we can think of how God in His perfect memory will somehow remember Michael Jackson or is GOD just playing a song loud repeating over and over, BEAT IT.

If you really really need to know where Michael Jackson will spend eternity know this what he did he did and there is no reversing it.  His ways are recorded in books and judgement belongs to GOD Almighty and the final answer lies in the pages of the Holy Bible.  Personally I already know the answer yet so many won't want to hear it.

Another great site for US Marines is:  Marines for Christ

For a site you can relate to.   Click here if you are hurting and have no where left to turn.

God Loves Marines
Several times I have thought of removing the contents of this site and even returning it to the person not idolized however I will leave it up pointing out the sad truth that not:  (Matthew 7:21-23)  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.  I used to love Michael's music but then I became a Christian.  Morality comes before monetization.  

So many hunt for glory, but find out life plays another story.
In our pride in our life, we can soon find difficulties and strife.
Play the game of life the fairy tale, played life played it well.
Soon we come to a choice, to proclaim Jesus or our own sweet voice.
We chose our paths we chose them we must.
With poor choices we made our lives to sift among the dust.
The clock is ticking, time moves fast.
Life is about living not fame and cash.
Live life now live it well, there are consequences to life,

when the end is hell!!!  
And that is where Michael Jackson is now.
He got his glory in death .
Where is the glory for fallen Marine Heros? 
Why so much glory to the fool Michael Jackson???
And why so much honor for other celebrities...
Marines for Christ
A site created by a former Marine to praise and honor combat vets who truly gave their all for GOD, Country, and Corps...  After all we need to be remembered too.  
I hope you enjoy this site.  It is an older site I just re-wrote as of March 20th 2013.  I took it down when I could no longer afford the domain names several years ago.  I really try to do what it right especially for US Marines in trying times and that are really hurting.  I love all of you and I am very proud of you.  amen...
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This domain name was originally that came shortly after his death.  I made heros out of the Marines saying that they need fame too.  I was forced to drop almost all my domain names when I could not afford them anymore.  Also this site was done when I had severe mental problems.