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I’d like to thank LORD Jesus Christ for my primary support.  Please contact a US Marine and send them care packages of things they need.  Candy and books are needed for the Iraqi children. Please send any donations for them to the address below.  
I’d love to hear from you guys who honor the King LORD Jesus Christ. I stand up and honor those who lay down their lives for freedom.  

Former Corporal of Marines:  Corporal Gordon, Dale L.
Email my personal email: 
And you will find other web addresses including:  
Please place any comments or information in the below box.  If you are including information for the prayer wall do not include any personal information and or destinations.  Our troops are serving in a time of war.  I was the personal trash police man in on a war ship.  I know the cost of stupidity.  I had to dig through all the junk just to make sure no personal info was thrown overboard.  OK OK we did not have cheap paper shredders back then.  I remember our first bag phone in 1992, and we were very high tech back then?  
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