USMC Christian support groups
Prayers for Marines
This page is for prayers for our Marines currently serving:  We are all so proud of you...

Note: Personal information should be kept to a minimum since we are in a time of war.  Destinations will not be disclosed nor will any full names.  

Please keep Tyler in your prayers.  He will be graduating boot camp in December of 2009.  Pray he will score expert on the rifle range, and that the LORD will continue to help him to grow and continue to be the great man he is.  While I have not heard back from his parents in a long time he may be out of the Corps by now.  There are no updates on this Marine.  

Remember Buddy also.. fellow recruit lost father to cancer couple weeks into boot camp...also Matthew..fellow Marine in boot camp..... and Brian that's in Army  leaving for the war front serve well Dale..God Bless.. prayer wall awesome..good work.

Keep Corporal Aaron M. G. US Marine Corps in your prayers as he serves in harm's way...

Keep Michel's two son's in prayer.  One is a US Marine the other is in the Army.
Both are out of the service now but are struggling with their own post war challenges.  

Please keep Dale Gordon in prayer, I am no longer in currently serving in the Corps but for me this is a personal war I am fighting.  I get very tired but I press on.  If the troops don't get any rest I don't want any rest either.  My war is to extinguish the name of Satan and see that service troops learn and accept Jesus Christ.  

Pray also for so many families.  I know my mother had some hard times worrying about her son especially when for so many years I didn't know Jesus.  Wives and children need prayer too!  Many struggle financially and mentally since they too are brought into war time situations.  Pray also for our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ that he will return and end all wars.  amen

Pray also for a distant cousin of mine Justin who is graduating boot camp in the Marines Novemer 3rd.  Not sure when I wrote this but surely he has graduated and gone on to the fleet.  I believe he is out of the service now.  

Please pray for Jake.  He has serious injuries from combat.  He is facing some very hard times in transferring back into civilian life.  Posted April 17th, 2013.

Pray for Rebecca who entered the Marines a few years back.  I believe she has reenlisted by now and perhaps became a career Marine.  Praise God for this fighting warrior and many more just like her.  

Note that many of these Marines are strong Christians and need to be lifted in prayer for their daily walk.  Many of these warriors have moved on to civilian life since I originally wrote this but know all Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy and others who serve in harms way also need prayers.  Also pray whenever you hear sirens as someone is in trouble.  I pray for police to stay safe and to catch the bad guys, but we also need to pray for secure boarders as well as Boarder Patrol.  Amen...
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